microRNA Replacement Therapy
Product Development Pipeline

microRNAs are naturally occurring, short ribonucleic acid, or RNA, molecules, or oligonucleotides, that play a critical role in regulating key biological pathways. Our scientists and others at leading academic institutions identified numerous tumor suppressor microRNAs that play key roles in preventing normal cells from becoming cancerous and facilitating proper cancer immunosurveillance.

Each microRNA mimic in our pipeline is designed to replicate the activity of a single tumor suppressor miRNA and regulate the expression of key oncogenes across multiple oncogenic pathways which can prevent proliferation and induce apoptosis in cancer cells. The potential capacity to simultaneously affect multiple pathways and processes that are critical to cancer cell viability may make mimics of tumor suppressor microRNAs an important new class of anti-cancer agents. We are pursuing or have been granted therapeutic use patent claims related to several tumor suppressor microRNAs as well as composition of matter claims for multiple chemistries and structures that are, or may be used in or are contemplated for use with, our therapeutic microRNA mimics. The following chart lists the most advanced microRNA mimics in our pipeline as well as their latest stage of research and development:

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